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Jews and blacks are currently the most targeted minorities in the world. With hate crimes disproportionately affecting their communities. We need to once again stand united against all hate and bigotry. White nationalists and black nationalists  and all fringes have once again united in order wedge a divide between the two communities, for they know that united we will prevail and denunciate all hate DENUNCIHATE mitigate all hate MITIGHATE  eliminate all hate ELIMINHATE annihilate all hate ANNIHILHATE And Eradicate all hate ERADICHATE

HATE IS HATE and WRONG IS WRONG! It's our job to protect ourselves each other and the world...for it always starts with us but never ends with us for we as the victims need to be the guardians of humanity. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL

Help stand up against all hate and for minority groups. Educate,Create alliships, and get ready to save the world!