Truth & Reconciliation

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Based on the work of Desmond Tutu and the truth and reconciliation commission we believe that conflict resolution and open dialogue, truly listening and communicating can help bring about positive strides, healing and closure while remedying age old toxic cycles of thought speech and action. Through this brief mediation and conflict resolution certification program, we can arm and empower individuals and communities into unity and forward thinking progression.

Today more than ever these skill sets can be utilized via law enforcement, in schools and between diverse communities. Join us and get the tools you need to help for free!

        • Domestic Peace Mediators: trained agents offering a free certification program teaching mediation and conflict resolution
        • Domestic Peace Reconciliators: trained community members offering truth outreach, communication, dialogue and community resolve. Helping elevate humanity by serving the communities in which they reside.
        • Domestic Peace OfficersWe will train willing officers and have them volunteer to teach their communities in order to have full cooperation, synergy and the empowerment of the community.
        • Domestic Peace Jr cadets: officers volunteer as counselors and mentors within the schools they serve while teaching and training the kids in conflict resolution tactics and certifying them to help serve as jr cadets within the schools and neighborhoods they reside. This will give the kids the structure and community that they often lack and negatively find via gangs and street life. Also making this program a natural feeder into law enforcement thus creating better community representation within the precincts.
        • Domestic Peace Guardians: teaching community and personal safety, Krav Maga, self defense and intercommunity collaboration
        • Domestic Peace Intercommunity Safety Outreach: creating community cross collaboration in information, security and cooperation.