A movement of hundreds of trained volunteers across organizations, religious denominations and political parties that have been trained to help as domestic peace workers.Therapists, doctors, permaculturists, developers, emergency aid personal and people like .... ME AND YOU !

Today more than ever we need to unite in action and mobilize grassroots initiatives to create change and heal injustices. The opportunities are right here in our own backyards and each one of us has someway to contribute.

Help us build eco friendly townships for our homeless communities, lobby and change policies, fight racism on the forefronts or just help raise awareness.You have a passion? we have the mission!

 This is a movement! not a hierarchical organization. LIRM is for the people by the people. Across organizational lines, political divide, race, creed, color, religion, sex, age and gender. This is where we each count and together we can be the difference we want to make.Let’s LIRM Together!



HOMELESS- Volunteer Positions

  • Domestic Peace Builders:  short hands on training in the art of earth home dome building
  • Domestic Peace Counselors: mental health professionals, counselors and social workers
  • Domestic Peace Educators: teachers, trade tech educators and money management professionals
  • Domestic Peace Artists: volunteering to beautify the village and teach art and self expression to the community
  • Domestic Peace Pharma Culturalists: teaching and implementing organic sustainable gardening
  • Domestic Peace Green Tec Corp: help set up and teach green living and sustainability
  • Domestic Peace Pet Corps: Animal rescue from high kill shelters for physical and emotional support
  • Domestic Peace Physical Health Corp: yoga, meditation, sports and other physical activities
  • Domestic Peace Nutrition Corps: chefs, nutritionists promoting healthy eating and farm to table diets
  • Domestic Peace Health Workers: health care professionals meeting the needs of the community

COMMUNITY GUARDIANS - Volunteer Positions

  • Domestic Peace Guardians: teaching community and personal safety, Krav Maga, self defense and intercommunity collaboration
  • Domestic Peace Intercommunity Safety Outreach: creating community cross collaboration in information, security and cooperation.

V.O.I.S.E.S. - Volunteer Positions

  • Domestic Peace Crisis Workers: hot line management 
  • Domestic Peace Outreach: put up fliers in high traffic areas
  • Domestic Peace Online Outreach: monitor online stories and our online portal for cries of help.
  • Domestic Peace Legal: help with asylum process

MEDIA - Volunteer Positions

  • Domestic Peace Tech Team: graphic designers, photographers, videographers
  • Domestic Peace Social Media Monitors: monitoring hate speech and misinformation online
  • Domestic Peace Content Warrior: writers, journalist, editors that can creating educational content and media outreach


  • Domestic Peace Zero Waste City Coordinator : city outreach and gold standard incentivisation for city support
  • Domestic Peace Zero Waste Business Coordinator: business outreach and gold standard incentivisation for business support

Don’t Eat?  DONATE - Volunteer Positions

  • Domestic Peace Food Redistributor : collects and restributte food that would go to waste to those in need
  • Domestic Peace Food Connector: contacting restaurants, markets, corporations and farms offering tax reductions for surplus food

Don’t Need?  DONATE - Volunteer Positions

  • Domestic Peace Item Redistributor: collect, reallocate and redistribute surplus and excess merchandise to those in need
  • Domestic Peace Item Coordinator: setting up collection times and locating items


  • Domestic Peace Mediators: short certification training, teaching mediation and conflict resolution
  • Domestic Peace Reconciliators: trained agents offering truth outreach communication dialogue and community resolve
  • Domestic Peace Officers:  training for law enforcement officers and have the officers teach such programming in the communities they serve while empowering the community to assist the officers to safeguard the community
  • Domestic Peace Jr cadets: officers volunteer as counselors within the schools they serve while teaching and training the kids about conflict resolution tactics and certifying them to help serve as jr cadets within the school and neighborhood