Victims Ending Silence

The campaign to stop human trafficking, abuse of power and slavery

Black Slave Industrial Complex

The Arab slave trade of blacks is and has been an ongoing problem that has never been brought resolve.

Today there are 45.8 million slaves around the world. A greater number than any other time in history.  Blacks are being sold for around $200 on the slave block in the middle east. This is the same slave trade that brought slavery to the United States. Lets use our freedom to free our black brothers and sisters from slavery today!

Human Trafficking

Today more than ever destitute people are being lured into exploitation with the hopes of a better life. Oftentimes enduring sexual, physical and emotional abuses by their captors. These victimizers prey on the vulnerable and desperate who get trapped in illegal debt programs and whose children are forced to take on the physical debt even after the capture passes making it a cycle of exploitation. 

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking knows no borders of age, race, sex or gender. It is also the oldest and most lucrative illegal business. Leading no one to be safe from entrapment kidnapping and exploitation.

Women's Rights

Women are treated like possessions, often with little to no rights. They are often subject to abuse, inequity of education, honor killings, lack of rights, female genital mutilations, acid washing, flagging, stoning and beheading at the whim of men. 

Children’s Rights

Children are our future. The cycle will never be broken if we don't give them a chance. Boys can be lured or forced into giving up their lives by becoming child soldiers, while girls can be sold or traded off as child brides. Lets right the Inequity of education to girls and minorities and the incitement of violence and hate in the education curriculum. 


There is zero tolerance and compassion for those that are born different. LGBTQ people are led to live lives in fear and silence. They are subject to stoning, hanging and other forms of public murder as an example to lead others to hide and repress who they are in fear of their lives.

V.O.I.S.E.S. - Volunteer Positions

  • Domestic Peace Crisis Workers: hot line management 
  • Domestic Peace Outreach: put up fliers in high traffic areas
  • Domestic Peace Online Outreach: monitor online stories and our online portal for cries of help.
  • Domestic Peace Legal: help with asylum process