Homeless Matters & Earth Homes


We believe in bottoms up action. Many people have felt the need to volunteer abroad to right the wrongs of developing nations. However, we have third world issues right here in our neighborhoods. Black citizens make up 13% of this nation yet 60% of the homeless population, with the rest being disproportionately people of color and other minorities. This is not just a social justice problem but a civil rights one. By helping these homeless first, we can remedy and rectify the cycles of oppression and neglect. Not only of housing inequities but those of social, educational, health, jobs and opportunities.

Our vision is to create a communal, cooperative and self-sustaining eco- villages as a model to right the wrongs of society from the bottom up. Together we will work our way up, healing and building as we go.


In these spaces there will be counseling, educational/ vocational training and work opportunity programs. This will be a place that bridges our community together and creates a support system to heal and grow.

Community Living- Promoting communal responsibility and self-sustainability by creating individual units with communal space. Communal spaces includes: farm to table eating space, garden, recreational areas and work development offices.

Education- Teach and train cooperative self sustaining living with chores responsibilities and group accountability. Other programs are agriculture, farming, cooking, arts, meditation, yoga, woodworking and conflict resolution.

Job Opportunities- Give opportunity to individuals to work in local businesses by creating educational and training partnerships, job training and placement.


Building a self sustainable earth dome can cost less than $500. This model will create jobs, housing, and skills training. The dome structures are easy to scale up and replicate. These green communal living opportunities build communities and support structures that are missing from todays main stream living and yet are the answer to the ailments of the fast paced and stress filled societies we inhabit.


We can no longer rely on politicians and organizations to do what’s right. Greed and corruption has perpetuated the for profit homeless industrial complex.  We have politicians getting kick backs, resources being misallocated and failed self serving programming that barely put a dent in the issues. Recently homelessness has increased by 75%  and tonight over 16,000 will go to sleep in their cars while 50,000  have no shelter at all. Homelessness is a life or death issue with a death toll spiking to over 76% in the last 5 years. WIth Covid more and more people are barely hanging on.We no longer have the time to wait. Lets create the change that we want to see!